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Biomimetic MicroElectronic Systems
Engineering Research Center
University of Southern California

1450 San Pablo Street
DVRC - 130
Los Angeles, CA 90033

T. 323-442-6786
F. 323-442-6790


Biomimetic Microelectronic Systems - Engineering Research Center

"Engineering Tomorrow's Solutions for the Medical Challenges of Today"


Welcome to the Biomimetic Microelectonic Systems (BMES) – Engineering Research Center (ERC). The BMES is a research center dedicated to the development of implantable microelectronic devices for the treatment of presently incurable diseases.  Our strategy is to use internally developed microelectronic and biomedical technologies to create novel interventions for ophthalmic, neurological and other systemic disorders.  We are a consortium of three primary academic institutions, a few supporting institutions and government research labs, and a handful of industry partners all dedicated to the creation and advancement of novel, cutting-edge medical technologies.


Our Purpose

The BMES is devoted to the science and engineering of novel biomimetic microelectronic systems (BMES) based on fundamental principles of biology. The newly developed systems will allow bi-directional communication with tissue, organs and systems, and thus enable implantable/portable microelectronic devices to treat presently incurable human diseases such as blindness and memory loss. The overall technical merit of this proposal lies in developing disruptive rather than incremental advancement in technology.


In keeping with the spirit of the ERC program, the center maintains three major initiatives:

1.   A dedication to development of cutting edge research for the development of new medical technologies.

2.   A commitment to community outreach and education to promote science, medicine and engineering awareness and interest.

3.   A strong interest and effort in formation and management of relationships with industrial partners to advance commercialization of technologies and to foster student-industry relationships.

Our Motive

In October 2003, the National Science Foundation awarded the University of Southern California $17 million to create the Biomimetic MicroElectronic Systems Engineering Research Center (BMES ERC) — a Center dedicated to the coordination of groundbreaking research into the development of biomimetic devices.  Now in its 8th year, the BMES continues to advance its mission.


The NSF awards Engineering Research Centers for the purpose of creating new industries based on disruptive new technologies.  The objective of the ERC program is to position our nation at the forefront of technological innovation by providing the financial resources to seed these efforts.  The BMES is one of over a dozen ERC’s around the country and funded by the National Science Foundation.   The BMES is currently the only ERC focused on medical device technology development. 


For more information visit the ERC Association Website.