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Biomimetic MicroElectronic Systems
Engineering Research Center
University of Southern California

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BMES Industry Program

The BMES industry program is charged with the unique responsibility of integrating  biotechnology discovery & learning with real world application.  Our program creates a venue where industry partners and researchers can communicate in a secure manner through our industry engagement approach.  We work to identify how the potential industry partner and BMES might fit to best exploit the talents and knowedge of each.  

 -                      Mission

The BMES Industry Program follows a two-part mission to 1) Advance the translation of new medical device technologies towards commercialization, and 2) Facilitate the transition of newly trained individuals into careers in biomedical technology. 


 -                      Strategy

Our strategy for achieving this mission is to assemble teams with the proper skill sets and experience to advance each project.  We achieve this by recruiting industrial partners spanning the medical device product development life cycle and work together to create value through technology commericialization or new-graduate career placement.  Industry partners fit a variety of categories, including: medical device manufacturer and distributors, components supliers and vendors, development groups and engineering designers.  Company size can range from small start-up firms with less than 10 individuals to global enterprises with thousands of employees.  Each partner provides a different combination of talents and perspective.  In return, each company type garners a different value-added return on their investment.

Our process of company engagement focuses on identifying the value proposition for the individual company.  Whether its licensing of intellectual property or acquisition of a BMES-affiliated start-up, the BMES Industry Program is designed to identify the type of value each partner is looking for and offer proposals that fill those needs.  Some examples of collaborative efforts we have worked on in the past include:

o    Licensing of BMES Technology

o    Co-Development of either BMES or Industry Partner Technology

o    Acquisition of BMES Start-Ups

o    Hiring of BMES Graduates

o    SBIR/STTR Academic Collaborator


The BMES works closely with USC's office of technology transfer, The Stevens Institute, to create industry partner agreements that accommodate the needs of our collaborators.  From its start, the BMES has operated under an Insterinstitutional Agreement between its participating academic institutions.  The Stevens Institute, serving as the representative for technology transfer for all participating BMES academic groups, streamlines handling of technology transfer with out industrial partners.  For more information please feel free to contact us.

5-Point Plan for Industry Integration into the BMES

The industry program employs a 5-point plan to mine-for, recruit and engage industry partners to advance the missions of the program.

o    Know & Manage.  The Industry program actively manages a database of current technology programs and activities.  Out goal is to identify activities within the center that may be of interest to the specific industry partner.

o    Market.  The industry program uses a variety of channels to deliver its message, identify new industry partners and search for potential projects.  These range from maintaining our BMES website, to distributing tri-annual industry newsletters that highlight the program’s recent activities and upcoming events.  We also attend various industry-related conferences and symposia.

o    Recruit. Key to the industry program’s success is maintaining an active and productive membership of industry partners.  Our goal is to identify industry partners for which membership in the center will add value to both parties; whether that is through advancing technology projects or training/exchange of individuals with biomedical talents.

o    Engage. Membership in the BMES does not end with payment of annual dues. Rather, we will work diligently with each industry partner to identify potential synergies between the two organizations.  We actively maintain open lines of communications with our partners to update them on the center’s latest activities, and to also learn what needs the individual industry partners are looking to satisfy.

o    Create Value.  Lastly, the BMES industry program is committed to creating value for you our industry partners.  We will help to structure agreements surrounding sponsored research projects, we will also facilitate organizing teams and project plans to help execute research projects in an efficient and timely manner. 



BMES Industry Staff Contact Information: 

J. Jack Whalen, PhD, Director of Industry Partnerships and Business Development

BMES Industry Addresses:

Physical Address:
1355 San Pablo Street, DVRC 130
Los Angeles, CA  90033

Mailing Address:
1450 San Pablo Street, DVRC 130
Los Angeles, CA  90033