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Graduate Student Mentoring Currently, there is very little opportunity for the upcoming generation of scientists to develop skills in mentoring, to develop a familiarity with the practicalities of establishing working relationships with the educational system in the community and develop skills in communicating science to an audience that is broad in both age and science literacy. This program is designed to mentor and educate the next generation of scientists in the development of these skills. If successful, these graduate students should assume leadership of science education efforts as part of their careers as successful scientists.


The BMES ERC currently provides 3 venues where graduate students learn and practice the skill of mentoring: 1) USC research laboratories mentoring EHA students, 2) Francisco Bravo High School mentoring high school students as they prepare their USC-Bravo Science Fair projects and 3) Murchison Elementary School implementing the BMES ERC Science and engineering Outreach Program.


We have achieved the following milestones in this multi-disciplinary and institutional graduate student mentoring component:


1.     Establish multi-institutional team of BMES ERC faculty, Murchison educators, USC graduate students, community education and assessment professionals and EHA students to formulate guidelines for USC graduate student mentorship responsibilities and best practices in laboratory setting, high school setting and elementary school setting


2.     USC Engineering and Life Sciences graduate students mentoring Bravo High School students in BMES ERC laboratories, Bravo Medical Magnet High School and Murchison Elementary School classrooms


3.     Assisting in implementation of Science and Engineering experiments for Murchison Elementary School students


4.     BMES ERC and Life Sciences graduate students develop skills to communicate and interact with community educators to establish mentoring relationships with high school and elementary school students