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Biomimetic MicroElectronic Systems
Engineering Research Center
University of Southern California

1450 San Pablo Street
DVRC - 130
Los Angeles, CA 90033

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        Coild WinderDr. Gerald Loeb
        Wire BonderHybond Dr. Ellis Meng
        Wire BonderDr. Gerald Loeb
        WirebonderHybond 572A-40Dr. Y.C. Tai
        WirebonderWest Bond 1400Dr. Y.C. Tai

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    Cell Culture
        IncubatorDr. Norberto Grzywacz
        IncubatorDr. Norberto Grzywacz
    Chemical Test Equipment
        Equipment for HPLCDr. Norberto Grzywacz
        HPLC systemTo make materials purity measurementsDr. Mark Thompson
        Mass spectrometerEquipped to handle gasDr. Mark Thompson
        pH MeterDenver UltraBasicDr. Florian Mansfeld
        pH MeterFisherDr. Ellis Meng
        pH MeterDr. Norberto Grzywacz
        PTI fluorimeterDr. Mark Thompson
        Real time fluorescence systemMeasuring lifetimes of singlet and triplet states (100 psec to seconds)Dr. Mark Thompson
        Sublimations systems (2)To purify materials by vacuum sublimation through a temperature gradientDr. Mark Thompson
        Plasma cleanerDr. Mark Thompson
        UV-ozone cleanerDr. Mark Thompson

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    DNA Sequencing
        Equipment for Western BlottingDr. Norberto Grzywacz
        PCR MachineReal time, Roche Light Cycler 480Dr. David Hinton

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        ACM potentiostatDr. Florian Mansfeld
        Frequency Response AnalyzerSolartron 1250Dr. Florian Mansfeld
        PotentiostatE,G & G model 283Dr. Mark Thompson
        PotentiostatGamry FAS1Dr. James D.
        PotentiostatGamry PCI4/300, with Gamry software packages: DC 105, EIS 300, ESA 400, EFM 140, and Echem AnalystDr. Florian Mansfeld
        PotentiostatGamry PCI4/300, with Gamry software packages: PHE 200, DC 105, EIS 300, ESA 400, EFM 140, and Echem AnalystDr. Florian Mansfeld
        PotentiostatPrinceton PARC 2263Dr. James D. Weiland
        PotentiostatPrinceton PARSTAT 273Dr. James D. Weiland
        PotentiostatSolartron 1286Dr. Florian Mansfeld
        Potentiostat/galvanostat/ZRAGamry Reference 600Dr. Florian Mansfeld
        Rotating electrodeDr. Florian Mansfeld
    Electronics Test
        6.5 Digital MultimeterAgilent 34410ADr. Wentai Liu
        AnalyzerVector Network Analyzer (VNA) with extended computer ports (6 transmitting, 6 receiving) and amplifierDr. Gianluca
        Arbitrary Waveform GeneratorSony AWG2041Dr. Wentai Liu
        Arbitraty function generatorDr. Gerald Loeb
        Automated power suppliesLabView, for FET measurementsDr. Mark Thompson
        DC Power SupplyCIC PS-1930DDr. Wentai Liu
        DC Tracking Power SupplyLeader LPS-151Dr. Wentai Liu
        Digital Phosphor OscilloscopeTektronix TDS3054BDr. Wentai Liu
        ESA-E Series Spectrum AnalyzerAgilent E4405BDr. Wentai Liu
        Function/ Arbitrary Waveform GeneratorAgilent 33220ADr. Wentai Liu
        GoniometerRame-Hart Inc. 100-00Dr. Y.C. Tai
        High frequency function generatorUp to 500 MHzDr. Gerald Loeb
        High Resistance ElectrometerKeithley ElectrometerDr. James D. Weiland
        HP ProbeFor dielectroc properties measurementsDr. Gianluca Lazzi
        Impedance AnalyzerBAS-Zahner IM6CEEL Equipment
        Impedance/ Gain Phase AnalyzerHewlett Packard 4194ADr. Wentai Liu
        Impedence analyzerDr. Gerald Loeb
        Logic AnalyzerTektronix TLA720Dr. Wentai Liu
        Milling machineFor circuit and natenna prototypingDr. Gianluca Lazzi
        Network Spectrum AnalyzerHewlett Packard 4195ADr. Wentai Liu
        Oscilloscope1 GHzDr. Gianluca Lazzi
        Power SupplyAgilentDr. Ellis Meng
        Precision Source MetersKeithley Dr. Ellis Meng
        Probe stationASIC, with PC for data acquisitionDr. Gerald Loeb
        Probe StationSignatoneDr. Ellis Meng
        Probe StationSignatone S-1160Dr. Wentai Liu
        Probe Station SignatoneDr. James D. Weiland
        Probe Station #11Micromanipulator 6000Dr. Y.C. Tai
        Probe Station #14Signatrone 3-1100CDr. Y.C. Tai
        Probe Station #16Micromanipulator 6000Dr. Y.C. Tai
        Probe Station #17Micromanipulator 6000Dr. Y.C. Tai
        Probe Station #8Wentworth MP0900Dr. Y.C. Tai
        Signal AnalyzerStanford Resarch SR785Dr. Y.C. Tai
        Spectrum analyzerDr. Gerald Loeb
        Storage OscilloscopeTektronix 4-Channel OscilloscopeDr. James D. Weiland
        Triple Output DC Power SupplyAgilent 34410ADr. Wentai Liu
        Triple Output DC Power SupplyAgilent E3630ADr. Wentai Liu
        Triple Output DC Power SupplyHewlett Packard E3630ADr. Wentai Liu

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    Hermetic Testing
        Helium Leak DetectorDr. Gerald Loeb
        Helium Leak Tester(Need description)Dr. James D. Weiland
        CryostatDr. Norberto Grzywacz
        Paraffin Embedding StationDr. James D. Weiland
        UltramicrotomeDr. James D. Weiland
        VibratomeDr. Norberto Grzywacz
        VibratomeDr. Theodore Berger

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        Optical disc recorderEquipped for live Ca2+Dr. Norberto Grzywacz
        Rapidly adjustable monochromatorEquipped for live Ca2+Dr. Norberto Grzywacz

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    Laser Machining
        CO2 LaserFor glass to glass meltsDr. Gerald Loeb
        Laser Machining CenterEpilogDr. Ellis Meng
        Laser w/Water cooling systemYAG (for metal cutting and welding)Dr. Gerald Loeb

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        Band Saw(Need description from B. Basinger)Dr. James D. Weiland
        Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Milling StationTaigDr. Ellis Meng
        Drill Press(Need description from B. Basinger)Dr. James D. Weiland
        Drill PressServoDr. Ellis Meng
        Grinding Wheel(Need description from B. Basinger)Dr. James D. Weiland
        Small Lathe(Need description from B. Basinger)Dr. James D. Weiland
        Small Mill(Need description from B. Basinger)Dr. James D. Weiland
    Material Deposition
        Sputter MRCMRC 8667Dr. Y.C. Tai
        System for depositing organic thin filmsVacuum deposition system, manufactured by K. J. Lesker Co.Dr. Mark Thompson
    Material Deposition - Metal
        E-Beam EvaporatorCHA SE 600 RAPDr. Y.C. Tai
    Material Deposition - Parylene
        Parylene DepositionSpecialty Coating Systems Dr. Y.C. Tai
        Parylene DepositionSpecialty Coating Systems PDS 2010Dr. Y.C. Tai
        Parylene Deposition #2Specialty Coating Systems PDS 2010Dr. Y.C. Tai
        Parylene Deposition SystemDr. Ellis Meng
    Material Measurement
        SpectrophotometersUltraviolet-visible-nearIR (scanning and diode array)Dr. Mark
        Contact Angle MeterDr. Ellis Meng
        Digital Thickness GaugeDr. Ellis Meng
        Laser VibrometerAO Instruments Dr. Y.C. Tai
        Nanospec/AFTNanometrics AFTDr. Y.C. Tai
        Scanning UnitProton-Dynamics PD-1000Dr. Y.C. Tai
        Thermal analysis equipmentTA instruments DSC and TGADr. Mark Thompson
    Mechanical Testing
        Bose System(Need description from A. Rowley)Dr. James D. Weiland
        Shaker/Vibration Test SystemCaltech/LABWORKS (Amp) pa-141 Dr. Y.C. Tai
        Micro-injectorDr. Theodore Berger
        Pneumatic picopumpDr. Norberto Grzywacz
        Alpha-Step KLA/TENCORKLA/Tencor P-15Dr. Y.C. Tai
        Annealing TubeThermco 4104Dr. Y.C. Tai
        BrF3 ErchCaltech/QXDr. Y.C. Tai
        CentrifugeBeckman 22RDr. Y.C. Tai
        Chemical Mechanical PolisherLogitech CDP 1CM51Dr. Y.C. Tai
        Compression MoldingCarver CHDr. Y.C. Tai
        Contact AlignerKasper 2001Dr. Y.C. Tai
        Critical DryerTousimis Research AS 815Dr. Y.C. Tai
        Denton Vaccum ChamberDenton DV-502Dr. Y.C. Tai
        Dicing MachineDr. Gerald Loeb
        Dicing SawK&S 775Dr. Y.C. Tai
        Piranha BenchSPEC SBX6-30Dr. Y.C. Tai
        Plasma Etchers-1Technics PE-IIADr. Y.C. Tai
        Plasma Etchers-2Technics PE-IIADr. Y.C. Tai
        Polymer Hybrid MixerThinky Dr. Ellis
        PR SpinnerHeadway Research PWM 32Dr. Y.C. Tai
        PR SpinnerDr. Y.C. Tai
        Stepper Projection AlignerGCA MANN 4800 DSWDr. Y.C. Tai
        UV-CannonUnimarkDr. Y.C. Tai
        WYCO (Surface Profiler)Veeco WYKODr. Y.C. Tai
    Micromachining - Etch
        KOH EtchingTransene Dr. Y.C. Tai
        Rie NewSemi Group Inc T1000TP/CCDr. Y.C. Tai
        TMAH EtchingTransene Dr. Y.C. Tai
    Micromachining - RIE
        DrieUnaxis 775Dr. Y.C. Tai
        Atomic Force MicrosopeVeeco 3100Dr. Y.C.
        Confocal microscope2-photon, Zeiss LSM510Dr. David Hinton
        Dissecting MicroscopeDr. Norberto Grzywacz
        Dissecting MicroscopeDr. Theodore Berger
        Electron MicroscopeZeiss EM10Dr. David Hinton
        Flourescent MicroscopeWith attached computer for image analysisDr. Norberto Grzywacz
        Flourescent Microscope #12Nikon E800Dr. Y.C. Tai
        Force microscopeDigital Instruments Nanoscope III atomic force microscopeDr. Mark Thompson
        IR Microscope #2Research Devices Dr. Y.C. Tai
        Long Distance MiscroscopeWildDr. Y.C. Tai
        MicroscopeCannon MicroscopeDr. James D. Weiland
        MicroscopeInfrared, dissection, for isolating retinaDr. Norberto Grzywacz
        MicroscopeOlympus BX50WI, with infrared contrast enhancing imagingDr. Theodore Berger
        MicroscopeOlympus, invertedDr. David Hinton
        MicroscopeOlympus, standardDr. David Hinton
        MicroscopeWith colored video camera and monitor (for BION assembly and inspection)Dr. Gerald
        Microscope #1 Litho AreaOlympus BHMDr. Y.C. Tai
        Microscope #15Zeiss 47 50 57Dr. Y.C. Tai
        Microscope #3Leitz Wetzab 204-418Dr. Y.C. Tai
        Microscope #5McBain Z ScopeDr. Y.C. Tai
        Microscope #9Nikon METAPHOTDr. Y.C. Tai
        Microscope (w/flourescence)NikonDr. Ellis Meng
        Microscopy (?)Leica EZ4 microscopyCEEL Equipment
        Micrsocope #13Olympus SZ4060Dr. Y.C. Tai
        Micrsocope #6PCODr. Y.C. Tai
        Optical microscopeDr. Mark Thompson
        Scanning Electron MicroscopeHitachi S570Dr. David Hinton
        StereoscopeVision EngineeringDr. Ellis Meng
    Microscope - Camera
        Digital CCD CameraSpot digital with attachments to adjacent Olympus microscopes and morphometry softwareDr. David Hinton
        Microscope/Digital Camera #4Nikon METAPHOTDr. Y.C. Tai

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    Neural Modeling
        Computer softwareNEURONDr. Theodore Berger
        Computer softwarepCLAMP (Axon Instruments)Dr. Theodore Berger
        Computer softwarePULSE (HEKA)Dr. Theodore Berger
        Computer softwarePULSE FIT (HEKA)Dr. Theodore Berger
    Neural Recording
        AmplifierAxoclamp 2B (Axon Instruments)Dr. Theodore Berger
        Data Acquisition SystemsCyberkinetics 96-channel Cerebus Dr. Norberto Grzywacz
        Patch amplifierEPC-9 dual amplifier (HEKA)Dr. Theodore Berger
        Recording SytemMultichannel Systems RecorderDr. James D. Weiland
        Stimulus/Recording SystemDatawave SystemDr. James D. Weiland
    Neural Stimulator
        IsolatorDr. Theodore Berger
        Programmable stimulatorDr. Theodore Berger
        StimulatorMaster-8Dr. Theodore Berger
        Voltage/Current StimulatorMultichannel Systems Model 2008Dr. James D. Weiland

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    Ocular Diagnostic
        Digital Fundus CameraDigital Fundus CameraDr. James D. Weiland
        OCTOptical Coherence TomographyDr. James D. Weiland
        Convection OvenDr. Norberto Grzywacz
        Environmental Chamber Sun ElectronicsDr. Ellis Meng
        Environmental OvenDelta Design 2300Dr. Y.C. Tai
        Mechanical Convection Ovens(Various)Dr. Ellis Meng
        MicroforgeDr. Theodore Berger
        Mini Brute FurnaceThermco MB/71Dr. Y.C. Tai
        Oven ConvectionDespatch LACDr. Y.C. Tai
        Oven ConvectionDespatch LCC154Dr. Y.C. Tai
        Oxidation TubeThermco 4104Dr. Y.C. Tai
        Sinter TubeThermco 4104Dr. Y.C. Tai
        Spin DryerFlurocarbon CLASSICDr. Y.C. Tai
        Spin Dryer; Single WaferLaurell WS-200-4CDr. Y.C. Tai
        Thermal EvaporatorVeeco 7760Dr. Y.C. Tai
        Vacuum OvenT-M Vacuum SS(X)03NSDr. Y.C. Tai
        Zone furnaces (4"" diameter)(3)For temperature control and are pumped by separate turbo pumpsDr. Mark Thompson

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        Manual micro-manipulatorDr. Theodore Berger
        Programmable micro-manipulatorsDr. Theodore Berger

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        Millenium Ophthalmic Surgery MachineDr. James D. Weiland

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    Take Out
        BalancesDr. Norberto Grzywacz
        Computer softwareAdobe Photoshop IllustratorDr. Theodore Berger
        Computer softwareMATLABDr. Theodore Berger
        Computer softwarePrism (GraphPad Software)Dr. Theodore Berger
        Computer StationMacintosh Power PC computer (G5, 1.2 GHz)Dr. Mark Thompson
        Computer StationWindows based computers (2.8 GHz)Dr. Mark Thompson
        Computer stations (2)16 GB RAMDr. Gianluca Lazzi
        Computer stations (various)4 GB RAMDr. Gianluca Lazzi
        Control PCWith safety interlock systemDr. Gerald Loeb
        Distiller waterDr. Norberto Grzywacz
        FreezerMinus 70 degrees celciusDr. Norberto Grzywacz
        Fume hoodDr. Norberto
        Software programGaussian 2003Dr. Mark Thompson
        Software programSpartan (Wavefunction Inc.)Dr. Mark Thompson
        VacuumDr. Norberto Grzywacz
        Vibration Isolation TableKineticDr. Ellis Meng
        Wet BenchesDr. Ellis Meng
        Computer station(s)Pentium 2.8 GHzDr. Theodore
    Test Chamber
        Environmental Chamber TENNY Tenn IIIDr. Y.C. Tai
    Test Equipment
        Arc lampsDr. Mark Thompson
        Data Acquisition SystemsNational InstrumentsDr. Ellis Meng
        High temperature bathFisher Scientific 160ACEEL Equipment
        Horizontal pipette pullerDr. Theodore Berger
        Laser Micro Dissection SystemZeiss PALMDr. David Hinton
        Programmable stirrer/hot platesDr. Ellis Meng
        Syringe PumpsHarvardDr. Ellis Meng
        Ultrasonic CleanerBransonicDr. Ellis Meng

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    Video Data Acquisition
        High-Speed CameraDalsa CameraDr. James D. Weiland
        IR CameraDr. Y.C. Tai

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        Matthew McCormickMachinist - Surgical InstrumentationDr. James Weiland
        Ray PeckMachinist - Implantable DevicesDr. Gerald Loeb
        Rong-Juan WuDr. James Weiland
        Xiaopeng WangHistology, confocal microscopyDr. James Weiland
        Zhenhai ChenHistology, cell culture, electroretinographyDr. James Weiland