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Biomimetic MicroElectronic Systems
Engineering Research Center
University of Southern California

1450 San Pablo Street
DVRC - 130
Los Angeles, CA 90033

T. 323-442-6786
F. 323-442-6790

Research Strategy & Framework

The BMES research effort requires a multidisciplinary approach, combining natural science, physics, medicine, and engineering disciplines to create novel therapies.  We draw from each of these pool to create a foundation of fundamental knowledge. 


Our approach to research follows the NSF Engineering Research Center’s 3-tiered Systems Engineering Methodology to develop solutions to major challenges.  This approach stratifies our research effort into three levels of increasing complexity:

Fundamental Research: Basic research in science, engineering and medicine or core disciplines of expertise on which all is based.

Enabling Technologies: Apply knowledge and discoveries found in basic research to create physical embodiments that employ the science.

Engineered Systems (Testbeds): Composite constructs that combine different enabling technologies to address a specific medical disorder.


The following lists our research activities broken down into these levels. 



Testbeds (Engineered Systems)

Retinal Prosthesis Testbed

Cortical Prosthesis Testbed

Cellular Prosthesis Testbed


Enabling Technologies

Interface Technologies.

Power & Data Management

Integrated Systems on a Chip (SoC)

Neural Network & MIMO Modeling

Optics & Image Processing


Fundamental Research

- Jim Weiland Bioelectronics Research Lab
- Greg Gerhardt Center for Microelectrode Technology  
- Sam Deadwyler Sam Deadwyler Group

- YC Tai Caltech Micromachining Lab 
- Ellis Meng Biomems Lab

Neural Networks & Computational Modeling    
- Ted Berger
Neural Prosthesis Group

Implantable Microelectronic Systems
- Wentai Liu
Integrated Bioelectronics Research Lab

Microelectronic System Design
- John Granacki John Granacki Research Group

- Andrea Hodge Materials Nanotechnology Research Group

Neuro & Cell Biology
- Bob Chow
Bob Chow Research Group

Optics, Imaging and Photonics
- Armand Tanguay
Armand Tanguay Research Group

Surface Chemistry
- Mark Thompson Thompson Research Group
- Malancha Gupta Gupta Research Group